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Welcome to Discover Music for Film and Games

Music in film and games is used to draw our attention to elements of the story such as characters, mood and pace. In many cases the music becomes as iconic as the films and games themselves.

Our Level 1 Discover Music for Film and Games course sets you on a path that will uncover the history of music for media and how it impacts every television programme and film that we watch and every game that we play.

Whether it’s the credits; mood and atmosphere; character emotion or identification; pace and action; music in film and games is used for dramatic effect. It draws our attention to elements of the storytelling and in many cases the music becomes as iconic as the films and games themselves.

This Level 1 Discover Music for Film and Games course is the first step on a journey that could ultimately lead you producing your own music for films and games. Successful graduates of this course can go on to study Podcasting, Music Production, Composition, Creative Enterprise and more.

Learners of this course will:

  • Discover the impact that music has on films and games
  • Find out about key artists within the genre – both past and present;
  • Share their experiences with others.

The aim of this course is to introduce students to the magic of music in visual media. Through a flexible and progressive approach, learners will participate in activities, research artists and their work, and share their discoveries.

This course requires you to work independently and with an MLC teacher, undertake a small degree of research and present your findings through portfolio based evidence. It is primarily delivered within our learner management system (LMS).

A wealth of information is presented in written form, audio and video and is presented in a careful step-by-step approach. MLC periodically hosts live webinars and communications are sent to the student cohort covering resource updates and other helpful, relevant information.

A manageable deadline for submissions will be mutually agreed by you and your mentor.

Each unit will be reviewed by MLC individually and in chronological order. The review will take form in comments being made within the shared Google Doc submission and you will be invited to meet your mentor – either face-to-face or online – to discuss the review in an open forum with you. You may then need to make alterations and re-submit.

Peer reviews and work experience can be facilitated by you or in conjunction with MLC. Help and advice will be given as you approach those units. Your initial purchase entitles you to no more than 4 hours of feedback and guidance time. Additional time can be purchased should you desire it.

It is expected that this course should be completed within 4 weeks of signing up.

Though reasonable efforts are taken to ensure that your journey when undertaking this course is a pleasant one, success cannot be guaranteed. Support is available though it cannot necessarily be preempted. Continued communication between you and MLC/your mentor is a prerequisite in order that you stand the best chance possible ensuring a successful outcome. If there is something that you do not understand or a point of issue that you require clarity, contact MLC via the dashboard of Full terms and conditions can be found here.

Expectations of knowledge, skills and understanding
This course is based on the principle of ‘progressive mastery’; each step demonstrates learning, progression and skills in incremental steps. Successful learning is characterised by a mastery of the fundamentals of the skills demanded in the course.

Entry requirements
This course is open to everyone and there are no entry requirements.

Age groups
These qualifications are suitable for candidates in the Under 16, 16+, 16–18 and 19+ age groups.

Recommended prior learning (RPL)
Learners are not required to have any prior learning for this course.

The cost of this course is £FREE!

Available start dates:

  • Immediately

Successful participants might want to progress onto our Music Production Course. Please speak to your Teacher or one of our Advisors about gaining access to the online materials.

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