Join us for an inspiring afternoon of creativity and connectivity in our ‘Discovering the Creative Industries’ class!

Our session begins at 2pm with tea and biscuits, setting a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. At 2:30pm, we dive into the world of music production, music for film and games, foley, and creative storytelling through podcasting. These sessions are designed to spark your creativity and introduce you to the exciting possibilities within the creative industries.

MLC’S Discover The Creative Industries pathway encourages children and young people to experience different art forms, and develop their own creativity and voice during the process. Participants record what they have achieved and share it with others to enjoy.

As they Discover the Creative Industries, learners build their artistic knowledge, creativity and confidence—and have the option of gaining a recognised qualification in the process. They will explore a range of genres, creators and arts organisations, and make full use of their imagination and communication skills. These pillars can help children achieve their stake in Cultural Capital, whilst building their confidence, socialising in a safe space and gaining new skills.

We aim to be an inclusive organisation and welcome children over the age of 8 years and particularly those with disabilities, complex health needs and behaviour that challenges.

Please register your interest using the form provided and we will get back in touch to discuss your needs and availability.