Welcome to MLC at East Leake Academy! If you are looking for music lessons then look no further because one of the country’s leading music schools operates from within your child’s academy.

Please read our FAQs below or click on the link to sign-up and secure your child’s place.

Our lessons are 20 minutes long on a one-to-one basis and the times are rotated so the student does not miss the same academic subject each week. A copy of the timetable will be on display on the wall of the music corridor in the Music Department. We put the timetable up physically rather than emailing it out because it can be subject to change at short notice due to the addition of new students, particularly as we start a new school year. We can’t therefore send you a timetable for the entire term as it may become out of date very quickly.

In addition to this, we feel it is a good idea that the students be responsible for turning up to their lessons as well as bringing the right equipment and books into school with them. Getting into the habit of checking the timetable at the beginning of the week is a good way for them to keep it fresh in their memory. This also helps reinforce a weekly routine for practising which is fundamental to the student making progress.

Currently, our teachers are in on the following days. If we have a lot of students starting, extra days may be added.

  • Guitar & Bass with Joao on a Monday
  • Drums with Ben on a Tuesday
  • Piano with Oli on a Thursday

Lessons are paid for by a monthly direct debit and cost £39 per month debited on the 1st of every month throughout the year including August 1st. We also ask for one month’s fee upfront as a one-off payment to secure your space. You do not lose this money however, it is returned in the form of lessons whenever you decide to leave and so acts as a notice period.

There are 6 lessons per half term, 36 over a year, and although lessons are structured with a year in mind, you are not committed to a year at a time. Should you need to, you can cancel at any time. Simply cancel your direct debit and email us to let us know. You will then have the remaining lessons to take which will be covered by the initial payment.

Please reply to the email we have sent with the name of the student and the instrument required. Alternatively, please complete the form available here.

If we have space we will email you the initial payment invoice. Once we have that payment your child’s place will be secure and we will then set up the direct debit on that same card for the 1st of each month. If we do not immediately have the space we will put you on a waiting list for when a slot comes free.

If you are starting in September, the monthly payment covers 36 lessons over the 52 weeks of the academic year. This will be split into 6 lessons per half term. There are occasionally bank holidays, inset days or other reasons the school is not open and the teacher will arrange to come in on a different day.

You can start at the beginning of any month and we will add lessons if needed to make sure you get the same as all the other students before the academic year ends. This is usually with a double lesson to start or perhaps you can visit one of our centres during the holidays. This is beneficial as you will get to meet your teacher. Some students use this as an opportunity to do a mock exam.

It is quickest to email your teacher directly but if you need to please ring your centre’s main phone number to speak with us or leave a voicemail. We reserve the right to charge for the lesson but it is at the teacher’s discretion to offer an alternative time or day should they wish to.

Once you email us with confirmation you are leaving, we will do an audit of all lessons taken and all payments made and inform you of how many lessons are left to be had. We will cancel the direct debit from our end but you can also do it if you would like to from your bank app or in the branch. There will usually then be 3 or so lessons to take because of your initial payment which serves as a notice period payment. Any mistake payments made will be liable to incur a £10 charge if they are needed to be refunded.

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