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Welcome to the Music Learning Collective

Unlike other platforms, here at the MLC our qualified tutors help you to progress and feedback on your playing. Choose from one of our subscription packages, upload your playing to receive feedback from teachers and peers at a time that suits you, or enjoy dedicated 1-2-1 lessons with highly skilled professionals.

However you like to learn, you can learn your way, with support from tutors and our online community.

Unleash Your Potential

Take advantage of the additional resources available on the MLC Campus, including:

Music Lessons

Enrich your learning experience between lessons with our online platform

Music Courses

Courses, including higher education diplomas to help you forge a career path in the music industry

The Arena & Bar

The Arena is packed full of performances from a wide range of musicians, whilst the Bar showcases our students/teachers

Listening Booths

Featuring especially curated and compiled podcasts covering production techniques, songwriting tips, music business insights and much more


With a host of recommended books, texts and websites focused on providing you with the knowledge to back up your playing

Lecture Theatre

Providing real life insights on how the music business really works


Specifically targeted to help you pick up new skills and drill down into the techniques behind your sound

Brands and Equipment

Get recommendations and insights into new products from leading industry manufacturers

It’s Time to Get Loud

Our tutors can also help you gain industry-recognised accreditation with RSL Awards and even earn UCAS points for playing music.

Join the Music Learning Collective, the first professionally taught, community-led, and industry-recognised music learning platform.

Music LEssons

Subscribe to our music lessons and take control of your learning today.