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Welcome to Artist In Residence

Artist in Residence (A.I.R.) is a curriculum level support programme developed by the Music Learning Collective. Its aim is to assist independent music teachers and organisations who operate in an out of school setting, by providing a structured framework culminating in the students being able to sit graded music exams or vocational qualifications should they desire to do so.

A.I.R. caters for students by offering RQF qualifications from Level 1 – 3 and for teachers by offering RQF qualifications from level 4 – 6 – all of which are recognised in over 60 countries.

The team at MLC Group, like many others, subscribe to the opinion; education first, testing second. That is to say, gaining the tools, techniques and the experience is paramount. Qualifications play an extremely important part in today’s society but they are not for every learner. Sitting an exam should be optional, perhaps preferred but not compulsory. The enjoyment of participating in an art form should be the foremost concern for both teacher and student.

A.I.R. is a broad pathway that encourages and welcomes the creativity and input of those who work directly with a cohort of students. It also helps provide standardisation in an often highly individualistic and insular sector. The framework offered should sit alongside a carefully prepared curriculum that can be delivered in an out of school setting by the teacher. The website ought to be used as a resource from which teachers can plan and deliver lessons whilst giving students and parents a framework that guides them through paced practice and self-evaluation.

The aim of popular music performance courses and qualifications is to provide a flexible, progressive mastery approach to the knowledge, skills and understanding required for popular music performance. Graded qualifications can motivate and encourage both students and candidates alike of all ages and levels through a system of progressive mastery, enabling candidates to develop and enhance skills, knowledge and understanding in a safe and consistent way. The courses and qualifications are beneficial for students and candidates wishing to progress at their own pace through smaller steps of achievement.

These qualifications are suitable for candidates in the Under 16, 16+, 16–18, 19+ age groups.

Your attention is also drawn to this phrase: total qualification time. You will see this phrase a lot through this course. It is divided into two parts.

  • Guided learning hours – the time typically spent being taught or supervised, rather than studying alone. This can include using online resources.
  • Therefore, the amount of suggested time each topic should take with your teacher.
  • Practice time – Total qualification time minus guided learning hours.

The resources provided within this pathway have been designed to support the progressive mastery associated with learning a musical instrument. By using this pathway you agree to subscribe to the following charter.

Your school will:

  • Assign you with a teacher.
  • Provide access to a classroom/studio or facility to study online.
  • Aim to understand your needs and aspirations.
  • Tailor a curriculum that suits your needs whilst working within the framework and ethos of your school.
  • Schedule your lessons.
  • Give comments and feedback with an emphasis on positive reinforcement.
  • Use all reasonable efforts to ensure that your journey is an enjoyable one*.

You will:

  • Attend your lessons.
  • Arrive on time.
  • Attend the AIR online sessions.
  • Request comments and feedback from the team at the MLC.
  • Work to a deadline.
  • Be professional.
  • Take part in all aspects of the AIR pathway.
  • Engage in the social ascpects on offer at the website.
  • Make yourself aware of the additional education and supported offered by the
  • Treat other students and associates with dignity and respect, both in person and online.
  • Respect yourself, the environment and the wider community.

The Music Learning Collective will:

  • Deliver live and pre-recorded sessions that are informed by both the education sector and by industry.
  • Use appropriate technology to support your time with the MLC.
  • Help develop your confidence and independence, helping you fulfil your potential.
  • Offer varied assessment, giving you timely and constructive individual feedback.
  • Communicate with you clearly, effectively and in good time.
  • Consult and listen to your views, and act on your feedback.
  • Ensure we respect and celebrate cultural and international diversity in all our services.
  • Deliver services accessible and inclusively.
  • Provide equality of opportunity for all of our associates and students.
  • Treat students and associates with dignity and respect, both in person (when possible) and online.

*Though reasonable efforts are taken to ensure that your journey when undertaking this course is a pleasant one, success cannot be guaranteed. Support is available though it cannot necessarily be preempted. Continued communication between you, your teacher and/or the MLC is a prerequisite in order that you stand the best chance possible ensuring an enjoyable time and a successful outcome. If there is something that you do not understand or a point of issue that you require clarity, contact the MLC via your teacher.

There are no entry requirements to this course. The online aspect of this pathway is offered in English.

The AIR pathway is currently being used by Perform School in Turin, Italy. Questions regarding fees should be directed to their support team.

Progession on offer includes:

  • Podcasting.
  • Vlogging.
  • Music Production.
  • Vocational Qualifications.
  • Professional diplomas in music performance, music teaching and creative entrepreneurship.

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