RSL Level 6 Professional Diploma CPD Unit (Teaching)

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A Professional Diploma in Teaching is aimed at recognising expertise in people who are already working in the creative arts industries. They provide acknowledgement for high level achievement in teaching. Successful students will gain an internationally recognised diploma in music giving you the status that you deserve without incurring the costs associated with studying at university.

Our credible and flexible pathway is designed to work around your schedule.

The evidence required within this Professional Diploma unit in Teaching is based on each individual’s industry practice. This accessible and relevant course offers the opportunity for learners to self-study and achieve units at a pace that fits with their professional and other educational commitments.

Learners of this course will:

  • build up awareness, through practical experience, of how to engage effectively with a range of students in the
    teaching studio, showing sensitivity to individual needs
  • develop their knowledge of music drawn from a variety of different styles
  • execute collaborative work effectively at a professional level, adjusting their practice in light of
  • demonstrate an awareness of the material they are working with in relation to graded music examinations
  • develop original approaches to presenting concepts to students, including working in ways which develop
    students’ creativity
  • demonstrate secure command in communicating subject knowledge
  • plan work to achieve and evidence set goals
  • reflect critically on their own practice and that of others

This unit is commensurate to a module undertaken within the third year of a degree and requires you to work independently, undertake research and assess your growth as a musician through practice. It is primarily delivered within our learner management system (LMS).

A wealth of information is presented in written form, audio and video and is presented in a careful step-by-step approach.

MLC periodically hosts live webinars and communications are sent to the student cohort covering resource updates and other helpful, relevant information.

A manageable deadline for submissions will be mutually agreed by you and your mentor.

Each unit will be reviewed by MLC individually and in chronological order. The review will take form in comments being made within the shared Google Doc submission and you will be invited to meet your mentor – either face-to-face or online – to discuss the review in an open forum. You may then need to make alterations and re-submit.

Peer reviews and work experience can be facilitated by you or in conjunction with MLC. Help and advice will be given as you approach those units. Your initial purchase entitles you to no more than 2 formative feedback and guidance reports. Additional time and/or feedback can be purchased should you desire it.

Once this unit has been completed, you will receive a certificate of achievement from the Music Learning Collective. It is expected that this unit should be completed within 4 to 5 weeks of gaining access to the LMS. It is advised and strongly recommended that you meet with MLC – in person or online – before signing up to this unit.

Though reasonable efforts are taken to ensure that your journey when undertaking this course is a pleasant one, success cannot be guaranteed. Support is available though it cannot necessarily be preempted. Continued communication between you and MLC/your mentor is a prerequisite in order that you stand the best chance possible ensuring a successful outcome. If there is something that you do not understand or a point of issue that you require clarity, contact MLC via the dashboard of Full terms and conditions are available upon request.

There are no entry requirements for these qualifications. However, candidates should be aware that there will be an expectation of technical knowledge and understanding covered in previous qualifications.

The cost of this course is £480.00.

To book your place you will need to:

Fill out the enquiry form and one of our admissions officer will be in touch with you. This course can be studied individually or as part of a group.

If you have any questions about the course please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We realise that the fees can appear to be daunting. Contact us to discuss ways to pay.

The Diploma qualifications offered by MLC are designed to allow opportunities for flexible progression routes through the choice of optional units which will allow learners to tailor qualifications to meet their own specific needs for either working within the creative industries or for further progression to further training or education.

This unit is one of four required in order to comprise a complete Diploma. Speak with your MLC mentor about continuing your studies with the Music Learning Collective.

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